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In 2013-14, every child starting reception class in England and Wales received a free Booktime book pack. What are you doing in your school to celebrate?

Booktime is the national free books programme for reception-aged children. We provide a free book pack for every child aged 4-5 years to share and enjoy with their family and friends. This year, we delivered 1,530,000 books: two for every single reception-aged child in England and Wales.

The Booktime teacher handbook 2013-14

This year's handbook contains some specially developed resources to help you make the most of Booktime in your school. Some activities are classroom-based and some are for you to send home for parents/carers and children to complete together.

Find out more about Booktime

Find out more about Booktime

Did you know Booktime is nine years old in 2014? Find out more about the programme and the people who run it, independent charity Booktrust and Pearson, the world’s leading learning company.

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