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In 2015-16, every child starting reception class in England and Wales will receive a free Booktime book pack. What will you be doing in your school to celebrate?

Booktime is the national free books programme for reception-aged children. We provide a free book pack for every child aged 4-5 years to share and enjoy with their family and friends. Last year, we delivered 1,530,000 books: two for every single reception-aged child in England and Wales.

In a recent Booktime survey around two thirds of teachers reported that Booktime had increased children’s enjoyment of reading and the overwhelming majority of respondents (89%) rated Booktime as either successful or highly successful in their school.

Free teaching resources

Whether you’re looking for masks and puppets to make, or session ideas to support speaking and listening, our resource finder will help you search our ever-growing bank of Booktime activities.

Making the most of Booktime

The way schools give out the book packs to their reception class has a big effect on how positive the children feel about taking their own books home to keep.

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