The Booktime Book of Fantastic First Poems The Booktime Book of Fantastic First Poems

Edited by June Crebbin

Poets ranging from Robert Louis Stevenson to John Agard, and Roger McGough to Eleanor Farjeon, are featured in each of the themed sections, which are devoted to subjects such as animals, night time, food and nonsense verse.


Each section is beautifully illustrated by a different person - Nick Sharratt’s distinctive artwork appears alongside nonsense poems and Tony Ross illustrates the food poems with his usual humorous touch.


Memorable poems and eye-catching artwork make this an ideal book for sharing in the classroom or at home. This book is a shorter version of The Puffin Book of Fantastic First Poems which has lots more poems for you to enjoy.


Publisher: Puffin Books

'The puffin Book of utterly...'

The puffin Book of utterly Brilliant!

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What families say

gooood book love it!!

Rating: 5 star
23 January 2016

The booktime book of fantastic first poems are brilliant! my best poem is cats Eleanor farjeon

Rating: 5 star
3 February 2014

I adore this book well donel

Rating: 5 star
22 September 2013

This book is amazing.

Rating: 4 star
24 July 2013

GREAT BOOK!!! My best poem is: my name is by pauline clarke.

Rating: 5 star
1 September 2012

both of your books were fantastic but in your first book my best poem was yan tan tether :) :) :).

Rating: 5 star
Jasmin Pingree
6 August 2012

I really like it

Rating: 5 star
14 July 2012

It was a very good book i would give star rating 5/5.

Rating: 5 star
9 May 2012

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