Hattie the Bad Hattie the Bad

Jane Devlin
Illustrator: Joe Berger

Being good is deadly dull - badness is way more fun! But when other children are forbidden to play with her, a lonely Hattie decides goodness may win more friends. It doesn't – instead, she wins a prize for THE BEST BEHAVED CHILD – EVER! But as she climbs up to accept her award, her badness can be contained no longer...


Berger's dramatically theatrical page spreads and imaginative use of colour add flourish and pace to this deliciously deadpan cautionary tale – an exuberant celebration of that borderland where good is bad – and bad is good, which children and parents secretly (and possibly reluctantly!) salute.


Publisher: Puffin

About the author

Joe Berger

Joe Berger has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He grew up loving books and the thought of giving children the same excitement he felt from reading is a huge part of his inspiration.

The official illustrator of World Book Day 2010, Joe has had three picture books published: Hattie the Bad, Bridget Fidget and Bridget Fidget – Hold on Tight! (Puffin Books).

He has a background in animation and illustrates a weekly comic strip in the Guardian. He lives in Bristol with his wife and three daughters.


He received a Book Trust Best New Illustrators Award in 2011.


Illustration technique

Joe’s illustrations are hand drawn with pencil, pen or wax crayon and then scanned into the computer where he adds colour. Before using the computer he found colouring difficult. He explains that using the computer you can make mistakes and correct them and once you’ve got used to this freedom you can’t go back.

Joe Berger
Joe Berger

What families say

very good

8 June 2013

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